Together with the Mayor of Wałbrzych and ZSZ No. 5 in Wałbrzych, we created the Fashion Industry Technician under the patronage of our Company.

We share our experience with younger generations, giving them a passion for design, construction and sewing. Our students learn how to design, sew and technology during classes conducted in our company. With access to modern machines, software, fabrics and the latest fashion trends, our students can test the theory in practice and benefit from our vast experience.

Our task is to sew coats and give people warmth. We want to pass these values to the next generations of young people from Wałbrzych and the surrounding area, so that coats from our city can delight people all over the world for many years to come.

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CAD system operator​



Manager / team leader​

Quality controller​

Specialist machine operator ​


Production preparation department​

Technology department​


Cutting room​

Sewing room​

Design / CAD department​

Quality control department​


Classes in our company​

Patterns, fabrics, accessories Internships and practice​

Work for well-known brands​

Participation in fashion fairs​

Getting to know fashion trends​

Personal development ​

Become a Fashion
Industry Technician!

Do you like to dress well, you are interested in fashion, you are creative, have design skills and a high sense of esthetics? This is the direction for you!

To learn the details of the course, report to the School Complex No. 5 in Wałbrzych, where recruitment is conducted.

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